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Author: Nakazaki, Kumiko
Booklet: Stapled, 48 pages coloured, text: English

The Japanese bobbin lace maker and author Kumiko Nakazaki presents in her new booklet, published in 2020, very different bobbin lace works. Most of the motifs show the city of Bruges. Typical buildings and churches can be seen, but landscapes also appear. Kumiko Nakazaki uses very different bobbin lace techniques. Some of the works are free lace. The drawn pictures are shown and then the bobbin lace technical realisation. In some laces, the design is shown in white yarn and then in coloured yarn, an interesting juxtaposition. There is no bobbin lace certificate for these works. This is followed by designs in the Binche and Flanders techniques. These are of course present with exact bobbin lace letters. Buildings and town views are depicted, very finely and in great detail bobbin lace with white cotton. One of these Binche laces is available as a rectangular, round, oval and hexagonal lace letter. Quite unexpectedly, there is even a coloured needle lace in the booklet. The booklet is in English. It contains very little text, but the information about the required bobbin lace pairs and material is generally understandable, so that no language skills are necessary. This is a booklet for bobbin lace makers who love variety, who like to make bobbin lace with cityscapes and who might like to make their own drawings or pictures. There are plenty of suggestions.

Source: "Die Spitze", German Bobbin Lace Association


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