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Author: Mihulkova, Dana
This pattern folder is not named after star motifs, but rather three-pair connections, called asterisks in Czech. However, the different patterns that result from this are very much like the traditional stars, especially when they are made with ribbon yarn. This is not really a bobbin lace type or technique, but an autonomous element. The number of pairs of bobbin lace does not matter. On loose sheets, printed on one side, the beginning and end of the work on the basic tulle grid and the three-pair connection as such, are explained step by step. Different edge finishes and colour gradients are introduced. All procedures are supported by coloured photos. Also indicated are QR codes under which further photos can be called up. The yarns used, which are included as samples, are very interesting. This makes the patterns look very different. Scarves, bags, cushion covers and tablecloths can be made. The corresponding copy templates of the patterns are enclosed. A final chapter is devoted to further processing.
Loose-leaf collection in notebook,
17 pages plus 5 pages of copy templates, coloured
Size: 31x22 cm,
Language: German or English (not bilingual)

Source: German Bobbin Lace Association

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