Perfect Lace Technique 1

Perfect Lace Technique 1

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Author: Novak, Jana74 pages, bound
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The first book of the series "Perfect Lace Technique" you can find different top beginnings. There are 44 ways to start a lace. At the end you will also find instructions for an invisible conclusion of the lace. This technique is also part of the upcoming book "Abschluss". With the example, I've made the sequence of the techniques, but because of the importance of this technique, I've already published it in the book "Beginning". Apart from the text, the book also contains more than 100 drawings. I have already prepared them ten years ago. But with the book issue I hesitated. I felt that I had no definite idea on how to explain the techniques. I find drawings inadequate. I did not want to publish a book with many drawings and many possibilities, or to show everyone what I know. My desire was to present the techniques I find the best, and which I always use with perfect results. I modified some techniques myself, because I did not like the frequently used possibilities. Long textual explanations are meaningless, I have understood that long before. I described the progress of each couple, and yet it was incomprehensible and complicated. I have checked my work processes with the fact that I had bobbiners working according to my instructions. But the results of the experiment were unsatisfactory. I decided to simplify everything.
Each new publication will be over a different part of the top, such as corners, arches, pointed starts, facilitated connections of two parts of tips, invisible closures of pairs even in airy lace like Christmas stars, jewelery, Some techniques have been adopted from historical peaks and have only been partially modified, always with an explanation of why one can not achieve beauty with the particular technique. Also the poor choice of material or the wrong distance of needles can depreciate the peak.

Source: Jana Novak

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