Bucks Point Lace Workbook

Bucks Point Lace Workbook

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Author: Kantcentrum Brugge

DIN A4 96 pages

This book covers the basic techniques for bobbin makers, starting with Buckinghamshire lace, which is usually abbreviated to 'Bucks Point'. The book assumes knowledge of the materials, patterns and basic stitches of bobbin lace, but provides the absolute foundation for getting started with this traditional English lace through a series of traditional designs. The book contains 15 patterns with detailed instructions and 3 additional patterns without instructions.

Origin of 'Bucks Point
Bucks Point' is a bobbin lace from the East Midlands in England. Bucks is short for Buckinghamshire, the main centre of production. This lace was also produced in the nearby counties of Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Bucks Point is very similar to Lille lace and is therefore often referred to as English "Lille".
Bucks Point is very closely related to Mechelen lace and Chantilly.

Although Buckinghamshire was already a centre of English lace making in the 16th century, the styles of lace varied according to the period and the fashion of each period. The "Bucks Point" style only appeared in the late 18th century. It seems to be based entirely on the former Mechelen lace, but with a lighter ground to make the lace lighter, as it had become popular at that time.

Source: Kantcentrum Brugge