Zauberhaftes in Metallspitze

Zauberhaftes in Metallspitze

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Author: Abenberger Kloppelschule
Paperbound, 58 pages, text: german
In this metal tip, further points were reconstructed and reinterpreted. The result are patterns for 9 bracelets, 5 earrings,
5 colliers, 3 corner solutions, 5 trailers and 10 more stars
in metal tip.
The aim was to make metal tips applicable.
French Huguenots from France brought the art of the production of leonian goods to the middle of the sixteenth century. Thus, the fine silver and silver threads became affordable to the general public. One of the most important economic factors of our region was created. Leonian fantasies in gold and silver, as well as fantasies in various color variations, have been brought to life by the help of various authors, thanks to the reconstruction and reinterpretation of lace from old sample books of metal bobbin lace. The new bobbin books are now very popular.
The Abenberger Klöppelschulheft VIII "Zauberhaftes in Metallspitze" was created with the main theme
Jewelry from leonical goods.

Source: Christine Meier / School management
Jutta Reichmann

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