12 Sternen Gedanken

Author: Frank Hart, Sabine
The new book by Sabine Frank-Hart contains 12 stars in Torchon technique. An attractive booklet with comprehensive technical drawings. 10% of the sales price will go to the
Robert Enke Foundation.

€  10,00 (including 7 % tax)
Barjac Ombrée II

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
Text German and English, 104 pages, A4 book
Pre-orders are now being accepted.
Publication date expected to be June 2021!

€  35,00 (including 7 % tax)

Author: Tschanter, Petra
Issue 44 pages, text: german & english
The following patterns are the result of an idea to produce a joint project and to exhibit it at the event "Klöppeln zwischen den Meeren 2017", taking place almost every year in the north of Germany in Rendsburg
(close to the Danish border).
The lacemakers were encouraged to work...

€  17,50 (including 7 % tax)
Dreieckstuch Gisela

Author: Mirecki, Christine

A large triangular scarf with Tochon various reasons, which can be performed at will with different strokes. The cloth is carried out in a way.

7 pages DIN A 3
Material consumption of approximately 80 g
Size: approx 158 cm x 110 cm x 110 cm

Schappe silk Nm 120/2 × 4 and / or
Shantung Yaspé Nm 30/2
Silk Pagoda Nm 24/2: 110%
Tussah silk Nm 20/2: 120%

€  16,00 (including 7 % tax)
Dreieckstuch Sabrina

After the huge success of "Sabrina scarf", finally a triangular cloth with the same pattern, the colors you choose to

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Klöppelmuster für Schals und Tischläufer
SKU: FA1006
Autor: Bellon, Brigitte
13 Torchonarbeiten für Schals - und Tischläufer mit wenigen Paaren zu klöppeln. Farbige Abbildungen, Briefe, techn. Zeichnungen.
Heft, 32 Seiten. Text deutsch
€  20,00 (including 7 % tax)
La Dentelle Torchon 2
SKU: FA052
Autor: Piveteau, Martine
17 typische Torchonmuster (Decken, Deckchen). Farbige Abbildungen, technische Zeichnung. Text: französisch, Buch, 91 Seiten.
Durch die zahlreichen Abbildungen auch für nicht
französisch-sprechende nachvollziehbar
€  28,00 (including 7 % tax)
Schwarze Schönheiten

Author: Abenberger Lace School
Ring binder notebook with 106 pages
with color illustrations and color technical drawings.

€  25,00 (including 7 % tax)

Author: Vollmer, Sylvia
The new release of Sylvia Vollmer shows on 42 pages 34 letters with many technical Zeichnungen.Die stars can not only decorate their Christmas tree, there are decorative window enlarged photo
while also ideal exercises...

€  28,00 (including 7 % tax)
Torchon erlernen Teil I

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
The first part consists of 75 learning Torchon lace patterns, at 126 pages, is a textbook. A4 four-color throughout.
Text: German and English

€  28,00 (including 7 % tax)
Torchon üben Teil II

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
The second part includes 35 practice Torchon lace patterns at 124 pages, it is a textbook. A4 4 full color.
Text: German and English
35 Patterns for different projects are invited to apply in the "learning" acquired knowledge. All projects are accompanied by detailed drawings and for experienced lace makers without part "learn" to cope. Less experienced are further explanations are in part directed "learning" and can Patterns by register classify easily there. The result is also a clear understanding of the respective difficulty of the letter.

€  28,00 (including 7 % tax)
Torchon verstehen Teil III

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
The third part Torchon understand covers 144 pages, it is a textbook. A4
4 color throughout.
Text: German and English

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Torchonspitzen-Lernen mit Ufos-Arbeitsmappe
Autor: Corbet, Barbara
Text: deutsch
€  15,00 (including 7 % tax)
Umrandungen I

Author: Vollmer, Sylvia
Revised and extended edition of the booklet "Spitzen für Lochranddecken". 21 Letters for borders In Torchontechnik.
Text: German, 48 pages, hardcover

€  25,00 (including 7 % tax)
Umrandungen II

Author: Vollmer, Sylvia
50 pages, hardcover Text: german
As in the first volume, these drafts were originally designed and coordinated for ready-to-scale sketching molds. Some, but not all, of the doilies are still commercially available. Therefore, on the last...

€  25,00 (including 7 % tax)
Umrandungen III

Author: Vollmer, Sylvia
Book bound, 50 pages, text: German
20 different designs and 28 letters, as some designs in different sizes .........

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Verschlungen Entwined

Author: Tschanter, Petra
Book, 36 pages, text: German & EnglishI had the idea for the present design when I saw a quilt with a similar design. Of particular geometrical figures fascinated, I often try to implement them in bobbin lace.I wish you much fun with the rework!
Source: Petra Tschanter

€  19,00 (including 7 % tax)
Zauberwürfel / Magic Cube

Author: Tschanter, Petra
Book, 40 pages, Text: German & English
Instructions for a magic cube in Tochon technology
and in Flandern lace.

€  22,00 (including 7 % tax)