Estonia Special Oidfa 2020-2021

Estonia Special Oidfa 2020-2021

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Author: Kantcentrum Brugge
This brand new lace book 'Special Estonia 2020-2021' - published in 6 languages - is published in the series of issues of the Bruges Lace Centre in response to the biennial 'World Congress of Lace' (Oidfa).
This congress would take place this year in Estonia ('Estonia' in Latin, hence the title of this issue).
However, due to the corona crisis, the congress was postponed to 2021. Hence the years "2020-2021".
This book, like the previous editions in this series, was produced thanks to the voluntary collaboration of many hardworking lace makers, teachers and students.
Each design is accompanied by an artistic photograph, the stitch, the technical drawing and, where appropriate, an additional explanation.

The book contains 15 new patterns in different techniques :
1) The design is based on an old-Flanders lace 'Odette', POCKET Binche lace; 2) ROUND LACE Torchon lace; 3) SIX-SQUARE Point de Lille;
4) OVAL Beveren lace Based on an old design from 1906; 5) 'FANTASIE' Point de Paris; 6) 'LOTUS FLOWER POWER' Mixed lace techniques;
7) 'READING' Valenciennes lace; 8) 'MARGARITE' Rosalin; 9) KEY HANGER 'TEA WITH KEATS' Wezeler lace; 10) 'YOUTH STYLE' Free bobbin lace;
11) 'OLD FLANDRIC LACE WITH FLANDRIC GROUND' Binche lace; 12) 'KOLIBRI' Mecheln lace;
14) 'GÄNSEBLÜMCHEN' Chantilly lace;
15) 'OPUS I' Mechelen lace.

Lace Centre Bruges, June 2020
Book with 15 patterns in different lace techniques,
4-colour print
64 pages, softcover, 21 x 29,7 cm
In 6 languages: German, Dutch, French, English, Italian and Spanish.

Source: Kantcentrum Brugge

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