FRANK´S Cottonthread

FRANK´S Cottonthread

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100% cotton. Thickness 40/2 mercurisiert. Spool 200 m.

Please note: There are available from the following color palette only the following colors:

BWG-01 weiß, BWG-02 creme, BWG-04 sonne, BWG-05 orange, BWG-06 rot

BWG-01 weiß
BWG-02 creme
BWG-03 citrone
BWG-04 sonne
BWG-05 orange
BWG-06 rot
BWG-07 dunkel rot
BWG-08 bordeaux
BWG-09 cassis
BWG-10 heidelbeere
BWG-11 erica
BWG-12 fuchsia
BWG-13 rosa
BWG-14 flieder
BWG-15 ocker

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