Textile Landschaft Salzburg

Textile Landschaft Salzburg

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Author: Thonhauser, Monica
Book bound 164 pages Text: GermanThe peak in her ambivalence as an economic factor and fashionable attribute from the early modern period to the 18th century, Monika Thonhauser has examined on the basis of unprinted sources to producers and dealers of the top house industry in the former Salzburg flat country and courtly representation in the royal city of Salzburg. The focus is on the realities of life of the different social groups, their economic situation and the rules of government. A central theme is the peak of the Renaissance and the Baroque as an enormous cultural achievement, the production of which, against the background of a mercantilist economic policy and the fashion dictatorship across Europe, employed countless people, predominantly women and children.

Source: Tauriska Verlag, Monika Thonhauser

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