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Author: Tschanter, Petra
Issue 44 pages, text: german & english

The following patterns are the result of an idea to produce a joint project and to exhibit it at the event "Klöppeln zwischen den Meeren 2017", taking place almost every year in the north of Germany in Rendsburg (close to the Danish border). The lacemakers were encouraged to work little changes, but to leave the original design visible. This could be done by exchanging the original spiders with other spiders or stars, or to interchange the stitches in the close work, e.g. halfstitch or chaos stitch instead of cloth stitch. The prickings are originally taken from Domino tiles, in that case two basic squares are worked together. The prickings can be worked as Domino tile (two basic squares), as single motive (one basic square), or as a table runner with any number of basic squares. Therefore prickings for an upper part, an intermediate part, a lower part and a single motive are found. The prickings only differ in a few points at the edges. The parts can thus be assembled as wished. When assembling the parts, please refer to the arrows for orientation. The Domino tiles can be used and arranged in many different ways, for table decor or other.
Enjoy working designs!

Source: Petra Tschanter

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