Emilie Krüger

Emilie Krüger

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Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
128 pages, hardcover, text: German & English
Ulrike Voelcker has made 23 prickings drawings by Emilie Krueger. This is to floral motifs in different techniques: 3 Barjak Ombrée, 1 free tip, 2 Flanders, 2 Mechlin lace, 2 rib and roll, 2 Valenciennes, 2 guipure, Chantilly, 3 blonde,
3 Polychrome blonde.2011 gave me Erika Zingler 66 drawings of her grandmother Emilie Krueger. At first you may wonder why I just turned these drawings in prickings. It is gratitude for the privileged life that allows us to deal with such a beautiful and unnecessary things like the lace making.
The book is dedicated to all women who live in difficult social circumstances, by a repressive society, political or religious preferences, family circumstances or health reasons are unable to develop their own ideas. The book is also gedidmet born before us women like Emilie Krüger who, although blessed with talent and even an understanding man, their appointment could not pursue.

Source: Ulrike Voelcker

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