Mailänder Spitze - gestern und heute

Mailänder Spitze - gestern und heute

€  49,00 (including 7 % tax)

Author: Corbet, Barbara
Text: German & English, hardcover, 240 pages

2nd edition available immediately

It is a textbook written in German and English. In the first part, you will find a brief historical and detailed instructions on how to start and end tapes, how bends and corners can be bobbled, how tapes can be split and reassembled. Then, 58 different strip patterns are presented with colored technical drawings, color-coded work sequence drawings and explanatory texts, as well as a corner and curve formation in the pattern. A lobed sample illustrates each pattern. In the second part I present 18 models: a sample cloth for practicing the band patterns, a sample cloth "snakes" for practicing beginnings and ends, a square, an oval and a hexagonal lid, 4 colored circles, a heart motif and a cloverleaf, a square Wall hanging, three angelic motifs and three reconstructed old meter tips. The designs are partly colored.

Source: Barbara Corbet