Tüll Lace


Bucks Point Lace Workbook

Author: Kantcentrum Brugge
Book DIN A4, 96 pages
This book covers the basic techniques for bobbin makers, starting with Buckinghamshire lace, which is usually abbreviated to 'Bucks Point'.
The book requires knowledge...

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Christian Traugott Grimm, Klöppelcurriculum 1823

Author: Kilian, Maria; Schuster, Claudia
Booklet German, coloured, 46 pages
The two authors are enthusiastic lace makers who reconstruct historical lace for reworking. In the first part they introduce Christian Traugott Grimm...

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Die Grammatik des Tülls
Autor: Voelcker, Urlrike
Tüllgrundspitze hat eine lange Tradition, in vielen Ländern....
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Floral Bucks Point Patterns
Autor: Leader, Jean
Text: englisch, Heft, 28 Seiten
5 geklöppelte Deckchen in floraler Bucks-Point-Technik und 12 breitere Taschentuchspitzen von der Entweferin Joyce Symes. Mit Schwarz-weiß-Abbildungen und handgezeichneten klöppelbriefen.
€  16,00 (including 7 % tax)
Point de Lille

Author: Forum alte Spitze
Tüllgrundspitzen from the Erzgebirge. From the estate of top publisher G. F. Baumann.
The Leporello served as a template for the reconstruction of this ancient and beautiful laces.
The result are 49 bobbin lace Tüllspitzen with colored technical drawings, lace prickings & material information.

€  29,00 (including 7 % tax)

Author: Mihulkova, Dana, Ring, Irena
Loose-leaf collection in notebook, 27 pages, coloured, text: German
Many variations of tulle lace are shown in the 25 designs. All hexagonal patterns are worked with 12 pairs of bobbins. The...

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Tiere in Tüll

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
16 lace letters, 96 pages A4 colour & large sheet A1,
stapled black and white.

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Tüll mal anders

Author: Kantcentrum Brugge
text: German
Folder DIN A4 with 26 pages of text, photos and technical drawings, 17 bobbin lace letters/copy templates. Modern tulle in a larger grid. The patterns are available in width as well as in length...

€  22,00 (including 7 % tax)
Von Herzen

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
Magazine, 96 pages, 4-color, text: German & English
A work and exercise book to learn advanced techniques in Tüllgrundspitze.
The book contains 18 bobbin lace letters with a heart in the motif.

€  28,00 (including 7 % tax)