Tüll Lace


Die Grammatik des Tülls
Autor: Voelcker, Urlrike
Tüllgrundspitze hat eine lange Tradition, in vielen Ländern....
€  40,00 (including 5 % tax)

Design: Voelcker, Ulrike, version: Ammann, Brigitte
Workbook with two beautiful subjects in Tüllgrundspitze. Fan No 1 with black Pipers Silk, subjects No. 2 with white Pipers Silk bobbin lace The double folder contains the respective subjects a lace pricking & a very detailed technical drawing.
Material information on subjects No. 1:
Suitable to our rack of medium size: F2-B made ​​of fine rosewood
Pipers Silks 4/20 - black &
6 x Spun silk 140/2 - black
Material information to fan N° 2:
Suitable to our rack of large size: F5-A of fine ebony
Pipers Silks 4/20 - White &
Pipers Silks 90/7 Floss - white &
1 x Pipers Silks 4/20 + 1-2 x Floss - white

€  25,00 (including 5 % tax)
Floral Bucks Point Patterns
Autor: Leader, Jean
Text: englisch, Heft, 28 Seiten
5 geklöppelte Deckchen in floraler Bucks-Point-Technik und 12 breitere Taschentuchspitzen von der Entweferin Joyce Symes. Mit Schwarz-weiß-Abbildungen und handgezeichneten klöppelbriefen.
€  16,00 (including 5 % tax)
Point de Lille

Author: Forum alte Spitze
Tüllgrundspitzen from the Erzgebirge. From the estate of top publisher G. F. Baumann.
The Leporello served as a template for the reconstruction of this ancient and beautiful laces.
The result are 49 bobbin lace Tüllspitzen with colored technical drawings, lace prickings & material information.

€  29,00 (including 5 % tax)
Tiere in Tüll

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
16 lace letters, 96 pages A4 colour & large sheet A1,
stapled black and white.

€  34,00 (including 5 % tax)

Author: Kristensen, Iben Eslykke
German text, book bound, 39 pp.
Lace-making was for centuries a major source of income for lace makers, the bobbin lace bobbin lace shopkeepers and traders in the West Schleswig area.

€  12,00 (including 5 % tax)
Von Herzen

Author: Voelcker, Ulrike
Magazine, 96 pages, 4-color, text: German & English
A work and exercise book to learn advanced techniques in Tüllgrundspitze.
The book contains 18 bobbin lace letters with a heart in the motif.

€  28,00 (including 5 % tax)